“Currently, parents are not allowed to enter the kindergarten due to Corona,” explains Nicole Mathew, head of the Nikolai Kita Bad Essen, “which is why we are currently attaching all relevant information to the information window and presenting it on our homepage and app. Digitizing is very time-consuming: scan in, send to the computer via e-mail, save, log into the website and upload it there, create the appropriate preview image and update the WordPress site.”

Olbricht IT took on the topic and quickly created a workflow with Power Automate.

Weekly info digital
The result: 7 steps become ONE! From now on, the news ONLY needs to be scanned. All further steps run automatically.
The news are automatically published on the website: https://nikolai-kita.com/wocheninfo/< /a>and App:https://old.olbricht. it/portfolio/nikolai-kita-app/ released!